About feature


Our current campaign issues include security of tenure, rent control, mandatory licensing of landlords and lettings agencies, working for increased local authority enforcement of existing housing related legislation.

We have been supporting the Brighton Living Rent Campaign who have now presented their 2000+ signature petition to the Council calling for new measures to create affordable rents in the city, and we are working with the Student Union's of both Brighton universities to campaign for better housing conditions for students.

Who we are

We are a group of Brighton & Hove renters coming together to make private renting better for all. We are a local affiliate of Generation Rent. We are just starting out and welcome the involvement of anybody who agrees with our mission. 


  “I am delighted that Generation Rent is focusing some of its efforts on Brighton and Hove given the size of        our private rented sector and the issues facing renters. While housing is at the top of the political agenda,        and private renters are likely to influence the outcome of the elections in all three constituencies next May,      the issues raised by Generation Rent transcend party politics and are too important to be the preserve of        any one party. I hope that people from all parties and none, from religious organisations, community                groups and trade unions, engage with Generation Rent’s campaigns for professionally managed, secure,          decent and affordable private rented homes in sustainable communities.”  - Andy Winter, Brighton Housing Trust

How We Help

  • hwh-1.pngCall for changes in legislation, strategies, policies and practices to make private housing a better place to live

  • hwh-2.pngStrengthen the voice of private tenants by developing a national network of private renters and local private renters’ groups
  • hwh-3.pngEncourage private renters to set up local groups in their own areas
  • hwh-4.pngWork with affiliates towards achieving the aims of Generation Rent