Generation Rent Brighton Launches!

In response to local demand, Generation Rent is launching a Brighton & Hove chapter and we need your help. At the last census there were nearly 78,000 private sector renters in Brighton & Hove and we believe they deserve a better deal.

We’re campaigning for a sustainable private rental market, where people can reasonably choose to live, rather than the current situation where most renters either can’t afford to buy their home or can’t access the social housing they truly need. 75% of private tenants are in the private sector because they have no other choice.

The issues plaguing the sector seems to rise with number of people who find themselves there. The time has come for us to come together and show that Brighton and Hove can be a leader in creating a fair and sustainable private rental market for anyone who calls it home.

Join here to add your voice to the growing movement.

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