Do you have a problem with your landlord or letting agent?

If so, Brighton & Hove Council and its partners may be able to help you through their private sector housing services. You can call them on 01273 293156.

If you do have a landlord problem, it may also be worth checking whether they have protected your tenancy deposit as they are legally obliged to. If not, you can win a fine from them of between one and three times the size of the deposit. You can check if your deposit is protected on Shelter's website here.

Your MPs and Councillors may also be able to help you. Shelter and Citizens Advice are also there to help.

The Shelter hotline number is: 0808 800 4444 

Home Sweet Home has published a Brighton & Hove Tenants Guide which can be downloaded here.

Sadly, as a small organisation we don't have the resources to help everyone, but if you have tried the avenues above and still need some help, do contact us and we'll do what we can to help.

Tell us your story

Renting can be tough going. Please take some time to let us know your experiences of renting in Liverpool. Dodgy landlord? Letting agents charging ridiculous fees? Living in unsafe or unpleasant circumstances? Whatever your experience, we want to hear it. Fill in your details and as specific of a story as your can provide below and we will follow up with you on how you can get involved to change it - even if that is as simple as telling your story.